Help & FAQ's for Prints on Canvas

You can find answers to the most common questions quickly and easily right here!

How long will it take until I receive my canvas print?

You’ll receive your order within 2-3 business days after placing your order.

Is it possible to change the delivery address on my order?

Yes – as long as your order has not been dispatched. Get in contact with our customer service team, and submit a request to change your delivery address.

Can I enter a discount / promotional code?

Yes. When you’ve added your order, you get the opportunity to enter a code at the checkout page. You can find this above your order subtotal.

What will I be charged for delivery?

We offer FREE 2-3 business day delivery for all orders as standard.

Which type of frame will my canvas be stretched around?

We use solid pine artist gallery stretcher bars, and each frame is made to order. We’ve sourced the finest European pine frames that are knot/warp free, kiln dried and environmentally sustainable

Which kind of canvas do you use?

We use only the best quality canvas: A heavyweight archival grade textured bright white poly-cotton blend, with a strong tight weave that contains no additives or agents. Our prints on canvas are made specifically to our specifications, provides a wide color gamut with beautifully realistic vibrant, and deep color reproduction.

Which inks and print process do you use?

We use a state-of-the-art flagship HP digital print process to print your treasured images. With genuine HP Vivera inks and a class leading 12 color print process that create over 72 million rich and vibrant colors, our digital printing method is the best there is available to transfer your photos to canvas.

Do you use a laminate or add any varnish protection to the canvas?

Every canvas print we manufacture is manually treated with an archival certified (no less by the Fine Art Trades Guild!), ultra-protective satin finish. This means that your print will never crack, flake or bubble and has the following qualities:

  • Strong UV light damage protection
  • Anti-fungal - especially important for high humidity environments
  • Enhanced colors and depth
  • Scuff & fade resistance - protection against moisture and abrasion

Are you able to match a price I’ve seen elsewhere for the same size canvas?

Please get in touch with us - we do offer a price match guarantee for canvas prints that are made with the same specifications as ours. They must offer the following to be eligible:

  • Solid 18mm pine framing
  • A heavy weight bright white poly-cotton blend canvas
  • Price must include any delivery charges and VAT
  • Satin Protective Laminate or Varnish
  • Fixings must be included
  • Genuine HP Vivera pigment inks used (or any other genuine pigment ink, not including third party ink manufacturers)

I have a photo I would like to upload, but I’m unsure if it’s high enough quality?

Our easy to use website will instantly determine the quality of your photo before ordering, allowing you to choose only sizes compatible with your image quality, and eliminating pixilation - ensuring the highest quality prints on canvas!

If I’m looking for a size not listed, would you be able to offer a custom size?

At the moment we do not offer completely custom made sizes, but stay tuned - coming soon!

Will my photo print be delivered already stretched over its frame?

Definitely yes! Ready to take a place of pride on your wall - we would never send you a printed canvas and four blocks of wood, expecting you to somehow put it together and frame it yourself!

How should I color manage my photos? What colors pace should I be editing my images in?

We recommend using Adobe RGB 1998. Please ensure you display device is capable of displaying this color space in full, and is calibrated using a spectrophotometer.

What is your privacy policy regarding the use of my images?

We will never use, sell, or print any of your images without your prior written consent.

What size file is required to manufacture the best quality canvas?

We work with all image sizes, however we’d recommend a file that’s at least 1MB in size.

What is the largest file size I can upload?

Our website supports files up to 30 MB. If you have a larger sized image, please contact us so that we can provide alternative instructions.

Which image file types do you support?

We accept JPEG, TIFF, PNG, HEIC and HEIF image file types only.

What happens if my print was damaged on arrival, or if I’m not happy?

If for any reason you are not happy with your item, please simply get in touch within 14 days of receipt. Your complaint will be treated seriously and investigated properly. If there has been any damage to your print in transit, we will replace this ASAP.

How quick will delivery take?

Your order will arrive within 2-3 business days of placement.

Where will I be able find the tracking information for my order?

We send you a dispatch confirmation and tracking ID when we ship your order, which includes all the necessary tracking information. FedEx Priority can also keep you updated on your parcel’s shipping status. If you’re having trouble finding your tracking ID, get in contact and let us know.

Which couriers do you use?

Parrot Print trusts FedEx Priority for all our deliveries.

I need my canvas print delivered urgently – what should I do?

Our standard delivery for your canvas prints is 2-3 business days. But if you need urgent delivery, contact our friendly customer service team to discuss alternative arrangements.

What is canvas prints from digital photos?

It’s exactly what it sounds like it is: a digital photo that’s printed onto canvas. And getting your own stunning photo canvas print couldn’t be easier. Simply upload your digital image using our canvas builder, choose the size you want, and we’ll print your digital photo onto premium archival-grade canvas. We then hand-laminate it with a fine art satin printing varnish that’s been archivally certified, giving your canvas print clear, vibrant color and depth, which means it won’t fade in the sun and is safe from scuffs and grazes. We then stretch it over a solid wooden frame so it’s safe and secure—and that’s it. Your canvas print is now ready to display.

How do I clean and look after my print?

We’ve written a really helpful guide on how to keep your canvas looking it’s best - click here: How to clean a canvas print.

Can hang my artwork in a bathroom or a humid area?

Because canvas and pine frames are a natural product, they may swell due to significant changes in temperature or humidity. Your print should not be hung in a bathroom or directly over a heat source, such as a radiator.

Can I hang my print outdoors?

Although our prints have a UV protective laminate on them, no canvas should ever be hung in direct sunlight for extended lengths of time. In addition, while we use a water-resistant coating it is not 100% waterproof.

How to hang canvas prints on wall?

Our canvas prints come supplied with a sawtooth hanger attached to the back of the frame, so all you need to do is hang it on a nail, screw, or hook on your wall. It couldn’t be easier!

Are canvas prints worth it?

Besides the obvious beauty of a canvas print, there are many other factors at play that make them well worth the price. All of our material is designed for fine art and photography reproduction. Our canvas prints are made using 100+ year fade resistant pigment inks for printing, and each print is hand-laminated with a fine art satin printing varnish that’s been archivally certified and is UV-resistant, so it’s won’t be fading any time soon. Each frame is hand-made by master craftsmen, with the canvas stretched expertly by hand so that it’s exact. With all the skill and care that goes into your canvas print, and the fact that it’s designed to stay bright, bold, and beautiful for 100+ years, we can confidently say that a canvas print is more than worth it.

Are canvas prints OK in bathrooms?

While the print itself would be OK in a humid or wet environment, as it’s protected against moisture in the laminating process, the wooden framing would not. Wood is a living material and absorbs water, so the framing would eventually buckle or twist after a long time in a very humid environment.

Are canvas prints waterproof?

While the front of your canvas print is laminated to protect it from moisture, cuts, knocks, bumps, and UV light, they are not waterproof—so don’t go dropping them in the bath! Also, while they stay bright and bold in normal humidity conditions, we wouldn’t recommend hanging them in an area of high humidity, like a bathroom. The wooden frame would absorb moisture, causing it to buckle or twist, and ruin your print.

Are canvas prints nice?

Canvas prints are a way to bring your photos to life in a way that just isn’t possible with traditional printing methods. Printing your photo onto strong, archival-grade canvas gives it the look and feel of a fine art painting, and ensures it has a much longer lifespan than a photo printed onto regular photo paper. Of course, we’re pretty biased, but we think that canvas prints are sharp, eye-catching way to display your photos, so why not give them a try. We know you’ll love them.

Are canvas prints supposed to be framed?

It depends on what you mean by ‘framed’. Our canvas prints are designed to be stretched onto a wooden frame backing, to give them the crisp, clean lines you’re used to in a canvas print. In theory, you could opt to not stretch your canvas print and use it as you would a photo or poster, but it wouldn’t have the same effect, or look anywhere near as good. If you’re talking about sticking a frame around your stretched canvas print, then no—canvas prints are designed to sit by themselves, as a contrast to the traditional framed photo. We recommend enjoying your canvas print the way it’s meant to be—an outstanding image, with its crisp, clean edges making it the conversation piece of any room.

How to frame canvas prints?

We measure your image so that it’s exact, then give it an overlap at the sides so that it sits nicely in the hand-made solid pine frame. We then stretch your print over the frame, making sure it’s kept taught the whole way, and attach it securely at the back using high-quality canvas staples. If you’re after a frame around your canvas print, this is a little trickier. Start with a frame that’s the right size for your print. Attach the print to the back of the frame using offset clips. These can simply be screwed in, and they’ll keep the print safe and tight inside the frame. Then it’s up to you how you finish the back, and how you choose to hang it. However, we recommend enjoying your canvas print the way it’s meant to be—as a unique, stunning image by itself.

How to stretch canvas prints?

We start by using a sturdy pine frame that fits your image correctly. We line the image up so that its edges sit squarely at the edge of the frame. We then attach the canvas firmly to the back of the frame using high-quality canvas staples, and make sure the canvas stays canvas taught the whole time using a special pair of canvas pliers. The edges of the canvas are finally cut so that they overlap at the back, and secured to the frame.

How to clean canvas prints?

Treating your canvas print with care and attention will ensure it stays looking stunning. It’s simple: dust your canvas print gently with a soft cloth, such as cotton or microfibre; don’t use any harsh chemicals on it; and to make sure it lasts, hang it up in the right place, so stay away from humid areas or outside in the elements.

For more information, check out our blog post on this very topic.

How long do canvas prints take to make?

It can take up to a whole day to hand-make your canvas print. This ensures a product that’s carefully-made to our specific standards, and a level of quality you won’t find anywhere else.

How to hang canvas prints without nails?

Hanging your canvas print without nails is easy. Due to the lightness of the product, you can hang them with nothing more than a few 3M Command Strips. Just make sure you weigh your print first, and choose the right strips for the job.

How to display canvas prints?

It’s up to you! You can hang your print as you would a traditional photo frame, using either a nail or command strips. The placement is up to you. See our article here on tips for positioning in your space.

How to protect canvas prints?

We use archivally-certified fine art satin printing varnish to protect your print, so you don’t have to add anything else to it. While our inks are UV-resistant and designed to stay bold and bright for 100+ years, it’s best to keep your print out of direct sunlight and away from humid areas as much as possible, to ensure its longevity.

Why choose canvas prints?

You want your print to stand the test of time, so you want the best quality you can get. Canvas prints don’t only look better and more vibrant, your canvas’ life is assured with our premium quality frames, vivid inks, and certified lacquer.

Who prints canvas?

At Parrot Print Canvas, making stunning, unique canvas prints is what we do. It’s in our name! Each one of our canvas prints are hand-made, we make any necessary image quality adjustments, then print your photo directly onto your canvas. We then hand-varnish it to ensure its longevity, and then stretch it ourselves over a frame that’s been made by our master craftsmen. Have a look at our options here to see what’s going to work best on your wall.

Who does best canvas prints?

In our professional experience as photographers and printers, we’re going to be honest: we do. You won’t find a canvas print anywhere that’s had as much care and precision put into the finished product. All of our materials are certified for fine art reproduction, and your canvas print is hand-made by us ensure the highest quality. We genuinely care about your print looking the best, so we only use the best technology and material to get it done—and it shows. With competitive prices and free delivery, you won’t find a canvas print that’s better than this.

Where to get canvas prints made?

There are probably loads of places you could get canvas prints made, but you’re getting what you pay for: drab colors, poor definition, and a noticeable lack of contrast. Cheap, basic canvas prints use standard technology that’s unsuited to printing photos to canvas—and it shows. To avoid all that, get in touch with us. We’ll make you a stunning canvas print that you’ll love, for a price you can’t beat anywhere else. Check out our pricing page to see what we can do for you.

How canvas prints are made?

On your side, it couldn’t be easier. Simply upload your image using our canvas builder, choose your settings, and you’re done. We then ensure the settings are correct, making any adjustments necessary, and print out your using our state-of-the-art Digital HP Vivera Vivid 12 color pigment system, onto heavyweight premium archival-grade canvas. Your image is then hand-laminated with archivally-certified fine art satin printing varnish and stretched over a solid 18mm European pine frame. It’s then secured using framing staples, so it stays taught and warp-free. And voila—your canvas print is ready to hang.

What are canvas prints made of?

Only the highest-quality materials go into making your canvas print. Your photo is printed using 100-year+ fade-resistant pigment inks onto a textured heavyweight bright white canvas, which is a premium quality poly/cotton blend. We then hand-laminate it using archival-certified fine art satin print varnish, meaning you get color that stays bright and bold for years, and is even UV resistant so it won’t fade in the sun. It’s then stretched over solid 18mm European pine framing. All our material is certified by the Fine Art Trade Guild as top quality archival grade, meaning it’s designed to always look as good as the day it was made.

How are canvas prints made?

At Parrot Print we use the highest quality materials to create your print on canvas. Our frames are made from 18mm European pine, and we use a heavyweight premium archival-grade canvas to bring your photographs to life. Our canvas prints are laminated by hand with archival-certified fine art satin print varnish that gives the print depth, color enhancement, and even UV protection.

Who has the cheapest canvas prints?

You can get cheap canvas prints anywhere these days, but you’re getting what you pay for: poor colors, fuzzy definition, weak frames, and canvas that tears with the slightest touch. Cheap, basic canvas prints cut corners and use printing technology that’s just not suited to printing photos to canvas. You don’t want that, and neither do we. That’s why we’ll create for you a beautiful canvas print that you’ll love, for at a competitive price that you won’t find anywhere else. Have a look at our pricing page to see what canvas print option is right for you.

What stores do canvas prints?

These days you can find cheap canvas prints at a wide variety of stores—the key word being cheap. You’re getting what you pay for with these: muddy colors, bad resolution, and canvas that’s not actually suitable for printing photos on. Here at Parrot Print Canvas, we are about your image, and we want it to look the best it can. That’s why we only use the highest quality materials and latest technology, and personally make each one of your canvas prints, so we can ensure it’s up to the highest standard. You get a much, much better product, at a price that can’t be beaten.

Why are canvas prints so expensive?

You’re getting what you pay for. With a canvas print, the image is printed onto canvas using a state-of-the-art inkjet printer. The image is then treated, using a laminating procedure so it won’t fade. The canvas is then stretched over a solid pine frame, and secured in place so it doesn’t sag, warp, or degrade in any way. There’s a lot of work that goes in to making a canvas print. All of our canvas prints are hand-made, so you’re getting a lasting work of art that’s been hand-crafted. Think of it as an investment.

What size are canvas prints?

We offer four different canvas options – desk canvas, square canvas, rectangle canvas, and panorama canvas – in a range of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your photograph, from as little as 6” x 6” to as large as 30” x 40”. What size would your image look best in?

Are canvas prints supposed to be framed?

It’s completely up to you. We think that the canvas print looks great on its own as each image is perfectly positioned to be wrapped around the frame. Plus, we hand-make each one so you can be sure of the best quality.

Are canvas prints tacky?

Not ours. We use a heavyweight premium archival-grade canvas and a certified lacquer to make your prints. They’re all hand-made and are designed for fine art and photography reproduction. Nothing tacky here!

Who does good canvas prints?

You don’t just want ‘good’ canvas prints—you want the best. You want canvas prints that are hand-made by people passionate about photography and printing, and use only the best materials to get the job done. Have a look at our page here to see the work that goes into your print, and see what the best looks like.

What are canvas prints?

A canvas print is an image printed on canvas that’s stretched or gallery-wrapped onto a frame. It’s usually displayed on a wall and is the perfect option for showing off your favourite images. Canvas prints do not have glare or reflections, are lightweight, and create a ‘painterly’ effect.

Why choose canvas prints?

Canvas prints are a great choice for displaying your family pictures, beautiful scenic shots, or pet portraits. Hand-made using high-quality materials, canvas prints are the best way to show off your favourite photographs, as well as the perfect personalised gift for a loved one. Canvas prints are light weight, and created to withstand everyday living so you can be confident of a high-quality finish that lasts a lifetime.

Where to get canvas prints?

Getting a beautiful canvas print is as easy as clicking on our canvas builder. There you get to upload your image, either from your hard drive or social media accounts, customise its size, choose your settings, and decide how many prints you want. It’s that easy. You’ll get your hand-made canvas print delivered to your door, all you have to do is decide where you’ll hang it.

Who has the best canvas prints?

We’re just going to put it out there: we do. We use 100+ year fade resistant pigment inks for printing, and our hand-made frames and canvasses are designed for fine art and photography reproduction. The truth of it is that we genuinely care about your prints looking the best they can, so we make sure we use only the best equipment and materials to make sure this happens. If it’s not something we’d hang on our walls, it’s not something you’re going to be hanging on yours.

Who does the cheapest canvas prints?

You get what you pay for—cheap canvas prints make for low-quality canvas wall art. Our prints are very competitively priced, and we’re focused on creating the best quality canvas prints anywhere. In fact, we challenge you to find another supplier who can match the quality of our canvas prints at our prices.

Who does same day canvas prints?

We offer 2-3 business day printing, to give us time to properly make your canvas print. This includes optimizing your image, printing, applying the laminate, stretching over your hand-made frame, and shipping it off to you.

What do canvas prints look like?

Canvas prints are a way to bring your photos to life. Your image gets printed onto fine art canvas and stretched out over a solid wooden frame, giving it a textured, painterly look and feel. As it’s printed onto archival-grade canvas, and finished with UV-resistant varnish, there’s no glare as you get from a framed photograph. Canvas prints are generally finished without an external frame, so the image extends right to the edge of the canvas and around to the sides, giving it a cleaner, and more three-dimensional look. Needless to say, we love them, so have a look at our range here and see what we can do for you.

What is giclée canvas prints?

Giclée canvas printing is essentially the term used for any fine art print that’s made using an inkjet printer, using high-quality, fade-resistant archival inks, and printed onto canvas. The term was created in 1991 by printmaker Jack Duganne, who wanted a new name for the prints he was making on a high-resolution, industrial inkjet printer, and was inspired by the French word for nozzle (le gicleur), which do all the spraying of the ink in fine art production.

What is panoramic canvas prints?

Panoramic canvas prints are like regular canvas prints, just long and thin, to fit a panoramic image. These are great for displaying your favourite panorama landscape or cityscape photos, wide group shots, or any wider shots that are too long for a regular rectangular frame.

What to spray on canvas prints?

Our canvas prints are already sprayed with an award winning archival-grade laminate varnish, so that you don’t have to.

What is photo canvas prints?

A photo canvas print is just that—a photo that’s been printed out onto canvas. We print ours on a heavyweight premium archival-grade canvas to make sure that it stays bright and bold for years to come. This canvas print is then stretched over a solid wooden frame, and secured tightly at the back so that it stays taught, with no sag or warping. Photo canvas prints are a unique, beautiful way to display your photos. Have a look at our sizes to find an option that works for you.

What is gallery wrapped canvas prints?

“Gallery wrap” is the method we use to stretch your canvas so that it wraps around the sides of a sturdy wooden frame, and then gets secured at the back, leaving you with a stunning photo canvas print. A gallery-wrapped canvas print has all the eye-catching qualities and feel of a painting, with the bonus that it’s your image up there on the wall.

How do I mount/hang canvas prints?

Our canvas prints are supplied with a sawtooth hanger attached to the back of the frame and are designed to be hung simply on a nail or screw in the wall. It couldn’t be easier!

Where to buy canvas prints?

We’ve made it easy for you to get beautiful canvas prints delivered right to your doorstep. Just upload your image using our easy canvas builder, choose the settings you want for your piece, choose your size and the number of prints you want, and away you go. It’s that easy to create and buy a stunning canvas print online—and you don’t even have to step out of your chair. Simply purchase your canvas prints online through our website, and we’ll have them delivered to your door. It’s quick, easy, and you don’t even have to leave the house.

Where to make canvas prints?

We hand-make each one of our canvas prints in our workshop right here in the USA. We make our frames by hand, optimize your image quality, print your photo onto your canvas, and stretch it over your frame.

Where to get canvas prints cheap?

You can find cheap canvas prints at plenty of outlets—but you get what you pay for. Cheap canvas prints make for low-quality wall art, and come in cheap, flimsy frames, with no lamination, and no guarantee. Our prints are competitively priced, so you’re getting a product of the highest quality for a price that will surprise you. We’re focused on creating the best quality canvas prints you’ll find anywhere—in fact, we challenge you to find another supplier who can match our quality canvas prints at our prices.

Where to purchase canvas prints?

We’ve made it easy to get stunning canvas prints delivered directly to your door. Simply upload your image through our easy canvas builder, choose your settings, choose your size and number of prints, and that’s it. Simply purchase your canvas prints online through our website, and we’ll have them delivered to your door. It’s quick, easy, and you don’t even have to leave the house.

Where to buy canvas prints in my city?

Wherever you are in the country, we can express ship your canvas prints there within 2-3 business days.

Where to hang canvas prints?

It’s up to you where you hang your canvas print. Whether you choose a communal area of your home for everyone to see, or maybe have it in your office space for inspiration, there’s plenty of wall space to fill with your beautiful photographs. We wouldn’t recommend hanging your canvas print in a bathroom or steamy area, though, but apart from that, the choice is yours. Our archival-certified print varnish also provides UV protection to your canvas print, so there are no worries about hanging it in direct sunlight.

How are canvas prints shipped?

As your canvas print is an art piece, we ship it like an art piece. Each canvas print is wrapped in bubble wrap, packed in a box designed especially for shipping artwork, and delivered to you by courier. You get trackable delivery anywhere within the US. Shipped, wrapped in bubble wrap, in art-quality packing boxes. And best of all, our Love It! 100% Happiness Guarantee means if your print doesn’t reach you in a ready-to-hang state, we’ll refund you 100% of your purchase.

Ready to create your custom print?

It really couldn’t be easier. Just upload your image, choose your canvas, customise your print, pick your delivery, and place your order.

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