Choosing the size and shape of your canvas print

You might already have a spot on your wall that you’ve earmarked for your new canvas print or you may be giving it as a gift and want to select a size and shape that will suit the recipient. Our ordering process allows you to choose the size and shape that’s best suited to you.

Choosing the shape of your canvas

You can select a portrait, landscape or panorama shaped canvas print to match the original image or with the help of our onsite tools, you can change things around a little to create a canvas print that’s a better size or shape for you.  Our cropping tool allows you to re-size, re-shape and then review any image that you upload before you place your order, so you can re-shape an image from to switch the focus of the picture if you want.

You can choose:

Portrait canvas prints

Not just for prints of people, portrait canvas prints are great for shots that focus in on objects and are frequently chosen for food and nature photography. Choose large portrait prints for a poster style canvas.

Landscape canvas prints

Landscape prints lend themselves well to cityscapes, sunsets and of course, wide scenery shots but don’t discount them for object photography.

Panorama canvas prints

You needn’t have shot your image in panorama mode to select panoramic print. This is a great style for large wall illustrations and timelines too.  

Square canvas prints

Seeking perfect symmetry on your walls or want to create a feature wall of canvas prints that slot easily together? Try a square canvas print – they work especially well when using Instragram images to canvas.

You can also choose to transfer your images to a split canvas; this allows you to add spaces for emphasis. For example, you might choose to split and layer a cityscape photo. Alternatively, you can put multiple images side by side.

You can choose:

Diptych canvas prints

A two-part canvas where the canvas is split horizontally or vertically.

Triptych canvas prints

A canvas split into three parts, horizontally or vertically.  

Choosing your canvas size

Our canvas prints come in sizes to suit your space, starting at 10”x10” with different shapes and sizes right through to our largest split canvas prints, which are 60”x30”. To find out the cost of your custom canvas print, just find the shape and size of your choice within our pricing table. If you’d prefer to view measurements in centimetres, just click on the ‘change units’ button.

The larger the image, the easier it is to retain detail, though the software and printing processes we use should help your image to look sharp and your colours to stay vivid. However, it is worth remembering you’ll pay less per square inch or centimetre for bigger prints, so they do work out to be better value.

Whichever size or shape you select, you can rest assured they’ll have a high quality finish thanks to our Love it! Lifetime Guarantee.