1. Spring photography tips

    Spring photography tips

    We’re finally into spring, which means the flowers are in bloom, we're starting to see young farm animals around and our winter blues are nothing but a distant memory. If you’re a nature photographer, you’ll know that spring is the best season to capture the beauty around us, and we couldn’t agree more. From gorgeous sunsets to luscious landscapes, here...
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  2. Tips on how to take the perfect selfie

    Tips on how to take the perfect selfie

    It’s been rumoured that it was Kim Kardashian-West that started the selfie trend, as she's been snapping selfies of herself since Keeping Up With The Kardashians launched in 2007. Whether that's true or not you have to admit it’s a craze that's just blew up to the point where everyone and we mean everyone, is taking selfies. In fact not...
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  3. 5 ways to make your smartphone battery last longer

    5 ways to make your smartphone battery last longer

    I’m sure you’ll all agree that our smartphones run about of battery when we seem to need them the most, which can be very annoying, especially for photographers and bloggers who use a smartphone as their main equipment for snapping pictures for wall art or canvas prints. With such advanced screens and powerful built-in processors you’ll find your smartphone is...
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  4. Photography check list for festivals

    Photography check list for festivals

    Close-knit crowds, fast-moving action and drinks getting thrown around - taking pictures at a festival can be tough, and getting the images you want can be even harder. For a photographer the problem with these types of events is there’s so much going on that you can easily get caught up in snapping shots of everything and anything. At Parrot...
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