1. Must-have gifts for photography enthusiasts

    Must-have gifts for photography enthusiasts

    Searching for the perfect gift for someone special or looking for a quirky stocking filler? Then start your festive shop here with these must-have gifts for photography enthusiasts. Novelty items have never looked so good. From purse-friendly treats to the latest gadgets, you just need to splurge on. Go on, it’s time to spoil them rotten! Polaroid SX-70 Camera The...
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  2. Sports Photography Basics

    Sports Photography Basics

    Here at Parrot Print we’ve covered how to capture cycling photography, but we’ve never talked about sports photography as a whole. Today we’re going to go through the basics of sports photography, so you can turn your sports snaps into incredible canvas prints. Before we get into all the technical stuff surrounding your camera and its settings, we thought we’d...
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  3. The newest photo apps you need to know about

    The newest photo apps you need to know about

    Forget Snapchat and Instagram filters, today we’re talking about the latest photography apps that will turn your smartphone snaps into canvas worthy images. Although your professional camera will capture high resolution photographs, in a modern age where technology is at its peak, why not swap your expensive equipment for your trusty smartphone? Simple, effective and always on hand, your smartphone...
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  4. Celebrities you didn't know were into photography

    Celebrities you didn't know were into photography

    Celebrities live their lives in the spotlight. Whether they’re a pop star or supermodel, getting constantly captured on camera comes as part of their job. For many of them being papped by snappers can be an annoyance, however, there are a few celebrities who would prefer to be behind the camera. Here at Parrot Print, we’ve found five celebrities who...
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  5. Photography Youtubers you need to pay attention to

    Photography Youtubers you need to pay attention to

    In addition to photography books and blogs, there’s nothing we love more than relaxing with our tablet or smartphone and watching a bunch of photography YouTubers. From food to fashion, our subscription list is so long you couldn’t fit it on one of our canvas prints! Watching YouTube channels is a great way to see the latest trends that are...
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  6. An introduction to Feng Shui

    An introduction to Feng Shui

    When it comes to home interiors we're not just about personalised canvas prints, although that is our speciality. Here at Parrot Print, we love giving you tips and advice on how to transform your house into a home. Today, we thought we'd share an introduction to feng shui, so you can master the art and sprinkle some positive vibes throughout...
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  7. How to decorate huge blank walls

    How to decorate huge blank walls

    Here at Parrot Print we understand that decorating blank walls can be a little frustrating, especially when you’ve run out of interior ideas, but don’t fret! Instead of a huge blank wall we see a blank canvas that’s just waiting for some innovation. From canvas prints scattered across the wall to having an open-plan wardrobe, the creative possibilities are endless...
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  8. Spring photography tips

    Spring photography tips

    We’re finally into spring, which means the flowers are in bloom, we're starting to see young farm animals around and our winter blues are nothing but a distant memory. If you’re a nature photographer, you’ll know that spring is the best season to capture the beauty around us, and we couldn’t agree more. From gorgeous sunsets to luscious landscapes, here...
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  9. A Beginners Guide To Vector Art

    A Beginners Guide To Vector Art

    Vector art, also known as draw graphics, is a style of artwork that has been created using a vector graphics program, such as Illustrator, CorelDraw or InkScape. You may not have heard about Vector art until today, but we can assure you that you’ve probably interacted with it or seen it in action without even realising it. Vector art is...
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  10. What is HDR Photography?

    What is HDR Photography?

    HDR stands for high dynamic range and it’s an old style of photography that’s recently been introduced to smart phones, including iPhones and Andriod devices. The dynamic range is the difference between the lightest light and the darkest dark shade you can capture within a photo. Once your subject exceeds the camera’s dynamic range the colours tend to wash out...
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