1. Room with a view

    Room with a view

    Taking spectacular shots on location is always an exciting prospect, but have you considered taking your photography in a different direction? The use of a window to frame your photograph can create some magical results, inviting the viewer to lean in to see more. It’s as if they are with you as you take it, enjoying the landscape in front...
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  2. Amazing cliffs to capture in the UK

    Amazing cliffs to capture in the UK

    With so many beautiful destinations tempting us across the globe, it’s easy to forget all the gems that we have right here in the UK. We are an island surrounded by beautiful coast, including some truly breath-taking cliffs. Here’s our guide to some of the most impressive cliffs, ones that will have you easily using up all of your camera’s...
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  3. Spring photography tips

    Spring photography tips

    We’re finally into spring, which means the flowers are in bloom, we're starting to see young farm animals around and our winter blues are nothing but a distant memory. If you’re a nature photographer, you’ll know that spring is the best season to capture the beauty around us, and we couldn’t agree more. From gorgeous sunsets to luscious landscapes, here...
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