1. Tips For Getting into Children’s Illustration

    Tips For Getting into Children’s Illustration

    Here at ParrotPrint, we work with all kinds of creative artwork and love to see all your illustration projects on canvas. If you love illustrating and have a particular interest in creating artwork that appeals to kids, you may have considered getting into children’s illustration professinally. But how do you turn an interest in illustration into a career as a children’s...
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  2. Getting artistic for Roald Dahl Day 2017

    Getting artistic for Roald Dahl Day 2017

    Today, 13 September 2017, is Roald Dahl Day and the 104th birthday of the famous children’s author. Each year, since its inception in 2006, Roald Dahl Day celebrates the characters of the authors beloved stories with dress up days, themed parties and a push to raise money for children’s charities. Here we give an insight into how to celebrate this...
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  3. Online publications for illustrators

    Online publications for illustrators

    Illustration is such a beautiful and expressive art form that one can easily be lured away from photography into creating illustrations or even combining the two. Whether you’re a seasoned drawing pro or just picking up a pencil to give it a go, this list of online illustration magazines is a great resource for fuelling your illustrative imagination. After all, there's always...
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