1. Redecorating? Grab Your Camera and Create a Mood board

    Redecorating? Grab Your Camera and Create a Mood board

    If you’re planning to give a room or two in your home a whole new look, why not let your camera give you a helping hand? We've spoken on the blog about using a vision board to steer your photography projects and today we're explaining why adding photograph to your a mood board is a great way to map out your interior...
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  2. Decorating workarounds for renters

    Decorating workarounds for renters

    Whether you’re planning to stay in your rented property for a relatively short time or you are a longer term letter who’s desperate to put a stamp on their surroundings, rules and regulations surrounding decoration of rented properties can be incredibly frustrating. In order to protect their investment and minimise work between lets, many landlords make specific stipulations about what...
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  3. How to decorate huge blank walls

    How to decorate huge blank walls

    Here at Parrot Print we understand that decorating blank walls can be a little frustrating, especially when you’ve run out of interior ideas, but don’t fret! Instead of a huge blank wall we see a blank canvas that’s just waiting for some innovation. From canvas prints scattered across the wall to having an open-plan wardrobe, the creative possibilities are endless...
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  4. Bedroom decor ideas

    Bedroom decor ideas

    For all those who love their beds you’re in for a treat, as today is National Make Your Bed Day! This bed-loving day is celebrated annually on September 11 to make people aware it’s important to get a good nights sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation making your bed can help improve your tossing, turning and restless sleeping, which...
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