October 2017

  1. Mental health benefits of photography

    Mental health benefits of photography

    Photography is such a great tool for improving your mental health, especially as it does not require you to go to art school or be professionally trained to enjoy. When things get on top of you, or you feel as though you need a break from the stresses and strains of everyday life, simply pick up your camera and your...
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  2. Street-style photography

    Street-style photography

    This style is so huge right now, with everyday bloggers and fashion enthusiasts stealing the spotlight from A-list celebrities. Fashion week is a huge catalyst for street-style photography, but its roots go WAY back. A snapshot of history In the late 19th/early 20th century, Eugéne Atget led the way by capturing the street scene in Paris. Candid and documentary photography...
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  3. Bringing an autumn palette to your photography

    Bringing an autumn palette to your photography

    The change in season brings with it some beautiful colours, offering up the opportunity to capture some truly eye-catching images that will be perfect for your next canvas print. Oranges, greens, reds, warm browns and yellows are strong in autumn, giving a striking palette to your photographs. The whole season brings with it a sense of cosiness, comfort and warmth...
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