April 2017

  1. Photography exhibitions to see in April 2017

    Photography exhibitions to see in April 2017

    'Tis the season of spring cleaning and new beginnings, giving you the opportunity to start afresh in more ways than one. Feeling uninspired? Head to a photography exhibition to get those creative juices flowing again. Here’s a list of new exhibitions that will get you thinking about your next trip out with the camera. A beautiful canvas print could be...
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  2. Being part of the crowd: Photography tips

    Being part of the crowd: Photography tips

    As the weather warms up so do the opportunities to get out and about and mingle with your camera in hand. From food and music festivals to sporting events, snap-worthy social occasions are abundant in the spring and summer months. Unfortunately, while large gatherings can buzz with atmosphere and present plenty of interesting scenes to capture they can also present some...
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  3. Celebrating International Sculpture Day

    Celebrating International Sculpture Day

    Calling all sculpture-lovers, International Sculpture Day is fast approaching so you best save April 24th in your diary. Also known as ID Day, International Sculpture Day was established by the International Sculpture Centre with the aim to raise awareness and appreciation of this form of art in communities around the world. International Sculpture Day beginnings Back in 2015, more than 10 different...
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  4. Allotment photography: The beauty of self-sufficiency

    Allotment photography: The beauty of self-sufficiency

    National Gardening Week 2017 saw some ideal weather for the green-fingered amongst us. Whether you are a seasoned or newly inspired gardener, it was the perfect time to get out into the sunshine with the family and set the scene for summer with colourful new blooms. Trying to create a bright and blossoming garden space can be especially challenging in...
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  5. What does Spring mean to you?

    What does Spring mean to you?

    Last weekend, the sun made a welcome appearance all across the UK, helping us all to feel like Spring had well and truly sprung! In celebration of the swapping over of the seasons, we’re running a fantastic giveaway over on our Facebook page . To be in with a chance of winning £50 to spend at Parrot Print, we’re asking you...
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  6. Photographing The Eye

    Photographing The Eye

    Did you know that an image of someone with their eyes closed isn’t worth publishing? From editorial shoots to portraits, and even snaps of celebrities taken by the paparazzi, eyes are the main feature and without them an image is just not the same. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a beauty blogger, capturing the eye can prove to be...
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  7. 3 new photo apps to get excited about

    3 new photo apps to get excited about

    From filter to illustration apps, there’s a lot of creative fun to be had when experimenting with new photography apps. And, while some apps might help you add a little something extra to a photograph you’ve taken to create the perfect image to transfer to canvas, others are purely aimed at provoking laughs and giggles galore. This month’s we’re introducing...
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  8. Purrrfecting cat photography

    Purrrfecting cat photography

    Capturing just how majestic your feline friend is can be tough, especially if you aren’t used to photographing animals. These tiny tigers can be illusive, standoffish and unpredictable – not the dependable and willing to please nature of dogs - so you must keep this in mind. The plus side is that cat photography is a little calmer! Cat photography...
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  9. Portrait photography: the wonder of the human face

    Portrait photography: the wonder of the human face

    The diversity of face shape, colour and texture makes portrait photography an enduring fascination for many. Taking a great portrait photograph takes a lot of practice, and there are so many ways to go in terms of style. In honour of one of perhaps the most classical photo genre, today we look at portrait photography in greater detail. Different types...
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