August 2014

  1. Creating Your Canvas Print Hall of Fame

    Inspired by the fabulous frocks, sentimental speeches and camera flashes galore at the Emmys and MTV VMAs this week, we’re taking a look at red carpet photography and having a little creative fun to boot. If you want to pap like the paparazzi or prose like a pro, you better read our top tips below… Tips for taking photos on...
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  2. How To Take Jumping Photos

    How To Take Jumping Photos

    As holiday season gets into full swing, we are going over a few of the classic holiday shots and how you can perfect them. Make sure you start by reading our recent post how to get the most out of your holiday snaps and then take a hop, skip and a jump into today’s tutorial: how to do a jump...
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  3. Creating Your Own Forced Perspective Canvas Print

    Creating Your Own Forced Perspective Canvas Print

    Forced Perspective Photography Tips & Ideas Even serious photographers like to have a little fun sometimes. When it comes to creating unusual canvas prints of all shapes and sizes, employing photographic illusions is a quick way of producing unusual prints without the need to spend lots of time using editing software. Forced perspective photography tends to make an appearance among...
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  4. Making The Best of Summer Holiday Snaps

    Making The Best of Summer Holiday Snaps

    Whether you’re setting sail for sunnier climates or enjoying a staycation in the UK, the annual summer holiday tends to be the time you are most likely to reach for the camera. There are certain holiday shots we all take time and again, including some classics recently named as’s most cliched holiday photos. Nestled in the list is the...
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  5. How to Photograph Cake

    How to Photograph Cake

    Here at the Parrot Print headquarters we’ve found ourselves swept up a little in Great British Bake Off fever over the past week. While our talents probably lie more in the eating arena than in the kitchen, we thought it was time to show a little love for cake on our blog. If you’re baking along with the BBC1 show...
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  6. 5 Photo Apps That Provide Polish For Your Custom Canvas Prints

    5 Photo Apps That Provide Polish For Your Custom Canvas Prints

    If you are the type of photographer that struggles beyond the moment of point and shoot you are certainly not alone.  Thankfully, the wealth of photography apps that are now available give you the tools to create a perfectly polished appearance on images, helping you achieve a professional finish when you create your own customised canvas here, at Parrot Print...
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